The Free Skopje tour for instagramers is the right tour for you if you want to see the city of Skopje from another point of view and take the best photos for Instagram! But also this tour is for everyone who wants to create there own city story with a photo diary. If you have already some concept or some idea about what whould you prefer to photography we can make a photo project with your idea (for example photography architecture or food, or maybe some portrait photography) and I am sure that your project would be also an inspiration for the other travelers who are visiting Skopje.

During the Skopje Instagramers tour we will skip the classic touristic tour and will try to explore the city from another point of view. We will visit some places in the new and the old part of the city but also we will visit the bohemian neighborhood of Skopje. If you are not so good in taking photos, I will be here to teach you some tricks but also I can take photos of you for your future Instagram travel posts.

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Day, time and meeting pooint: On request

Duration: 2-3 hours


Viber/Whatsapp: +389 75287434

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