Travel consulting - the new way of designing a travel experience

Dear travelers, let me help you to design your unforgettable travel experience in Macedonia.

With a master degree in Mediterranean travels & travel consulting, 10 years experience in the tourism sector and lot of time invested in the research of national and international tourism market, I am here to organize all the details and make your perfect travel itinerary that will fit into your budget.

We are living in a time when travel industry is changing so fast, especially now, during and after Covid19. 
The change consist in the fact that people will start to book more individual and personalized trips, and they will look for a less touristy destinations. This is one of the biggest reasons why Macedonia should be on your travel list and why you should choose your personal travel consultant to assist you in the creating of your perfect travel itinerary.

In the package is includeed:

  • Advice regarding period of traveling
  • Assistance with buying travel tickets
  • Research of destination and making a personalized itinerary
  • Accommodation
  • Tours
  • On line assistance during the whole trip

For more information and costs feel free to contact us: 


VIber/Whatsapp: +38975287434