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Skopje Walking Tours is a new brand of unique and interesting WALKING TOURS, founded by a young Macedonian traveler, blogger, photographer and licensed tour guide. After many years of experience in the sector of the tourism we came up with the idea to offer some different, more personalized and unique tours. The main goal of these tours is to show you around from a perspective of a local guide and to share some stories and information that you can hear only from locals, but at the same time to make you feel comfortable and like at home. This is the reason why our groups are small with limited number of guests (min 1 - max 10 people). Booking one of these tours you are helping the locals not only economically but also you are supporting them to keep working on their ideas and believe in their dreams.  
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You can choose one of our WALKING TOURS or with our help you can create your personal CUSTOMIZED TOUR. All of the tours are available in English or Italian.
Skopje walking tours
With this "SKOPJE WALKING TOUR" you will have the possibility to explore the city of Skopje with a local guide. You can choose between different walking tours where our guide will explain you all the important facts about the city and also will share with you lot of stories, legends and secret spots. If you are Instagram addicted we have also the first "SKOPJE INSTAGRAM TOUR" in town, it is another walking tour where we will see some more alternative places and buildings. Available in English or Italian
Other Tours
Exploring the Old town and tasting the traditional Macedonian food with our "FOOD TOUR" or maybe going for a daily "HOMEMADE FOOD EXPERIENCE" visiting a very traditional Macedonian village close to the city and taste a homemade local food? On our list you can find also the "ARCHITECTURE TOUR"  with the possibility to explore the brutalist buildings of Skopje! The choice is yours! Available in English or Italian 
Customized Tour
If you want to save time or you have some special interests and want to choose which place to see and when then this is the right choice for you. We are here to help you organizing the best "CUSTOMIZED TOUR"   in town. Available in English or Italian 


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An avid traveler, world citizen, photographer and yoga lover. Since it is impossible for me to travel 365 days in the year I needed to choose a job where I can be in touch with the world, and I choose the best job where the World is coming to me. Traveling is not only about the places we visit but also the people we meet


    Skopje, Macedonia
    E-mail: skopjewalkingtours@gmail.com Phone: +38975287434