Skopje Old Bazaar – Top 10 places to visit
Skopje Old Bazaar

Skopje Old Bazaar – Top 10 places to visit Skopje Old Bazaar Explore the enchanting old town with our top 10 must-visit places! Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant atmosphere of this ancient market. From historic landmarks to charming cafes: 1. Kapan Han An Ottoman-era caravanserai that once hosted traders and their goods. […]

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Experience the nightlife in Skopje
Skopje Nightlife

Hey, party people! If you’re up for a party adventure after the sun goes down, then let’s dive into the nightlife world of Skopje! This city knows how to light up the night and keep the good times rolling till the late hours. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party! Here’s […]

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Discover Skopje’s coffee culture: Top 3 specialty cafes
skopje specialty cafes

Welcome to the vibrant city of Skopje, where the coffee culture runs deep and specialty cafes are a true delight for coffee enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top 3 Skopje specialty cafes in the city, each offering a unique and exceptional coffee experience. From expertly crafted brews to cozy ambiance, these […]

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Skopje city break – must-do activities
Skopje walking tours

Let’s get straight to the good stuff! Here are the top must-do activities during your Skopje city break: Wander through Time: Start your adventure at the heart of Skopje, Macedonia Square. This lively open space is surrounded by different statues and  fountains. Snap some selfies with the impressive Alexander the Great statue and feel the […]

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The enchanting Galichnik Wedding Festival
Macedonia destinations

Macedonia Destinations: The enchanting Galichnik Wedding Festival – Celebrating Love and Tradition In the small village of Galichnik, Macedonia, a time-honored tradition comes to life every July during the Galichnik Wedding Festival. This enchanting celebration is about a traditional Macedonian wedding, a unique glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage. Steeped in history and full […]

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Homemade Food Experience
Skopje Food Experience

The Homemade Food Experience is recommended for those travelers who want a unique experience outside the city. In a few hours, you will try the most delicious homemade food but also have the possibility to explore the countryside of Skopje. This tour is not just about tasting, we offer a full lunch so please do […]

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Kamenjane waterfalls – a daily tour from Skopje
The highest waterfall

Kamenjane waterfalls – Skopje daily tour If you are visiting Skopje and you are looking for a nice place to connect with the nature but not so far from the city – Kamenjane waterfalls is the right Skopje daily tour for you. The village of Kamenjane is just 7 km away from the city of […]

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Trpejca – the Macedonian St.Tropez

Just half an hour driving from Ohrid on the way toward the Albanian border you will arrive to the village of Trpejca. A small cute fisherman village, with narrow uphill streets and breathtaking views, crystal clear water and small wild beaches. The lake in this part of Ohrid looks like a sea, even the water […]

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Ajvar tour

Experience the exclusive Ajvar Tour, a limited edition happening once a year, from mid-September to mid-October. This culinary adventure offers a unique opportunity to get directly involved in making the renowned Balkan specialty – AJVAR. Ajvar, also known as the Macedonian “caviar,” is a traditional dish made from red peppers, salt, oil, and eggplant. It’s […]

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5 Macedonian movies you should definitely watch
5 Macedonian movies

When you are travelling it is normal that you are interested in discovering different aspects of the country that you are visiting, and not visiting only the main touristic spots. So for people who are interested in discovering something more of the Macedonian cinematography, I made a list with top 5 Macedonian movies that you […]

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