The list of the top 5 Museum in Skopje to visit while your stay here:
  1. Contemporary Art Museum of Macedonia: Immerse yourself in contemporary Macedonian art through rotating exhibitions featuring works by local and international artists across various mediums. This is definitely one of our favourite museums in Skopje. Website

    2. Archaeological Museum of Macedonia: Travel through time with ancient artifacts. From prehistoric to Roman times, explore Macedonia’s history.
Contemporary Art Museum

         3. Art Gallery Daut Pasha: Discover Macedonian art in a historic building. Paintings and exhibitions that tell stories of the past and present. There is a permanent exhibitions plus temporary exhibitions.

         4. Art Gallery Chifte Hamam: Step into a traditional Turkish bath turned gallery. Beautiful artworks in a unique setting.

Chifte Hamam
Daut Pasha Hamam

          5. Museum of the Macedonian Struggle: Learn about Macedonia’s fight for freedom during the Ottoman Empire through the old documents, pictures and artifacts.

After visiting all the museums in Skopje we have a suggestion what to do next 10 places to visit in the Old Bazaar