Our newest tour on the list is the Skopje Architecture Tour. This tour is perfect for those who want to explore brutalist architecture and discover lesser-known neighborhoods in Skopje. You will also see the city’s strong buildings that survived the earthquake in 1963. If you have extra time and plan to visit other Macedonian cities, each city has its own unique and impressive architecture. Personally, I really love the architecture of the houses in Krusevo and Ohrid. So, if you are thinking about where to go next after Skopje, you now have the answer. Come and join us for a fascinating architectural journey through the heart of Macedonia. 🙂


Skopje architecture tour

The city of Skopje is abundant with interesting communist architecture and unique buildings. One particularly noteworthy project is by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, who designed it after the earthquake in 1963, when almost 70% of the city was destroyed.

With this tour, we will visit around 10 buildings. All of these buildings are located in different neighborhoods, making it a great opportunity to explore areas outside of the city center.

Duration of the tour: Approx. 3 hours. We will move through the city by walking and also using taxis.

Video from our architecture tour HERE

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Skopje architecture tour