Skopje Architecture Tour is the newest tour on our list. The tour is for everyone who wants to explore the brutalist architecture and visit some not so touristic neighborhoods of Skopje. In addition you will also see some nice city architecture that survive the earthquake in 1963. If you have more time to visit another cities in Macedonia, you can find different architecture in every city. Me personally really love the architecture of the houses in Krusevo and Ohrid, so if you are wondering where next after Skopje, now you’ve got the answer 🙂


Skopje architecture tour

The city of Skopje abounds with interesting communist architecture and very unique buildings. Particularly noteworthy is the project of the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange. He made this project after the earthquake in 1963, when almost 70% of the city was destroyed. 

With this tour we will visit around 10 buildings. All of the buildings are in different neighborhoods, so it will be a good way to explore the area outside of the city center.

Duration of the tour: aprox 3 hours, we will move through the city walking and also by taxi 

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Skopje architecture tour