Very often people are asking me what can they do in Skopje on a rainy day. Good question, not everyone loves the rain, especially not when travelling and have only few days in a new city.

So, as a local guide, I am here to answer your question and help you to explore better my hometown.

  1. Go to the museum – we have few museums in Skopje for each taste, I know that some people don’t like the classic Historical or Archaeological museums, but we have also the Museum of Contemporary Art from where you can enjoy a really nice panoramic view of Skopje, or if you want  to have some fun and make cool photos you can visit the Museum of Illusions.

    Skopje rainy day

      1. Museum of Illusions copyright
  2. Go to the Bohemian neighborhood of Debar Maalo and have a coffee or lunch in some of the local bars and restaurants. Enjoy your time with a book or simply observe what is happening around. Trust me, in this way you will learn a lot about Macedonians and our coffee culture.

  3. Catch the bus n. 2 or n.5 and have a sightseeing of the city for only 35 denars. Those two lines are connecting the whole city. And you will have a very unique experience to enjoy the ride in our red double buses. 
Skopje rainy day
The red double bus


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