If you ever read Heidi and if you ever wonder if there really exist such a beautiful place, the answer is yes, there is and is located about 3 hours driving from Venice. Santa Maddalena is a small village situated on the Dolomites near the Italian – Austrian border. The easiest way to get to this place is driving down the highway towards Bolzano Bressanone. If you choose to travel by train, you need to get off in Bressanone and from there continue by a local bus to get to the village. The road to the place is great, you will see only green hills, mountain houses and small rivers. After driving for few hours in the middle of the nature, here we are, Santa Maddalena, the place is really magical.

We traveled before the start of high season, end of May, so the prices weren’t still very high, the hotel that we booked was empty, so we were lucky to get the most beautiful room overlooking the huge rocks and green meadows. When we arrived at the apartment, on the table there was an apple pie waiting for us. The hotel has really good location with a great price, room for three people was around 60 euros per day. Given that it was the end of May and we were in the mountain the weather was still cold, so in the price was included also the heating cost. If you choose to travel there that period, for sure you need to take a jacket and warm clothes!

Oh and to not forget, the girl from the hotel, which name btw was Heidi  every morning brought us freshly baked bread from the local bakery.

The first day was dedicated to exploring the surroundings and hiking, we decided to hike to the refuge in the mountain. The road leading up is not so short, if you are in good shape you will need about 2-3 hours, and if you aren’t (like me) you try to go hitchhiking   Up, in the mountain was really nice, but very cold and there was still snow that wasn’t melted. Between one refuge and others we sat down to drink some tea, soup, coffee and get warm. Prices were not so cheap. Mostly the whole families are working in the refuges, the kids are helping to clean the tables, moms are cooking, dads serving the food and the grandpa playing some traditional music. After the nice time spent in the refuges, we went for a walk around, and after that we went down in the village to have a late lunch.

The weather in the village was quite warmer and the sun was still shining over the green hills, the landscape was like a green carpet that was inviting you to go and roll down on it :). We climbed to the main church of the village and little bit above in the middle of the meadow there was a bench and this view

Greenery, nature and beauty – artwork from the nature!


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