The Homemade Food Experience is recommended for those travelers who want a unique experience outside the city. In few hours you will try the most delicious homemade food and also you will have a possibility to explore the countryside of Skopje. This tour is not just tasting, we have a full lunch so please do not forget to bring your appetite 🙂

macedonian food

During this experience we will have the possibility to try the local food but also to explore the village of Kuchkovo. We will taste traditional meals but at the same time we will also learn something more about the Macedonian culture, tradition and history.

The experience will be organized in a nice garden of a local family, surrounded by beautiful nature. The village of Kuchkovo is just 15 km far away from the city center.

food experience Skopje
Skopje food experience

What is included?

  • Traditional appetizer
  • Two main courses
  • Salad
  • Traditional drink
  • Dessert
  • Fresh air 🙂
  • Playground for kids
  • Vegetarian friendly

Everyday from April to October, you can choose the starting time, but we suggest to arrive to the village around 11 am

3 – 4 hours

You will get the exact location after you book the tour, you can arrange your arrival with a local taxi or by car, the location is 15 km from the city center

Contact us for more info and price
Booking is required at least two days before the tour (min 2 – max 10 people)

VIBER/WHATSAPP: +389 7528743