The Skopje village tour is for those travelers who are always ready to visit something more than just the city center of the travel destination. If you feel that you are one of them, then please keep reading below something more about our very unique village tour.

Skopje village tour is the right tour for all those travelers who want to explore something more than just the city center and the most famous touristic attractions! With this half day tour you will have a unique experience and visit a traditional Macedonian village close to the city. Surrounded by nature where you can still see traditional architecture and local life. 

It takes around 30-40 minutes to arrive to the village by car. In the Skopje village tour you can also have a walk through the village, see the architecture, the old school, the Monastery and talk with the locals. I am pretty sure that the part with the locals will be your favorite, because they will share with you lots of stories and legends. After the walk we are going for a traditional lunch in a restaurant close to the village.

Tour on request
Price: 40 euro per person (min 2 persons)
What is included: private transfer and guide

VIBER/WHATSAPP: +389 75287434T

Skopje village tour
Skopje village tour