Turin is one of the biggest cities in the north part of Italy. It was the first capital of Italy and home of the Italy’s royal family Savoia. Today Turin is also very famous, not only because of being industrial city but also because of the rich history and culture and the huge offer of events, concerts and festivals during the whole year. I had an opportunity to spent one year in Turin and definitely those are the 10 things that you shouldn’t miss there.

1.Walking under the famous “portici”, and take a coffee in one of the lots of old cafes 


2. Make a picnic in Parco Valentino


3. Eat an ice cream in one of the best ice cream shop “gelateria Fiorio”


4. Drink the original bicerin (mix of chocolate, coffe and milk with secret recipe) in the pastry shop “Caffe al Bicerin” in Piazza della Consolata

5. In the evening go for aperitivo in the neighborhood of San Salvario or Quadrilatero


6. Spend one day in the Cinema Museum inside of the Mole Antoneliana, relaxing on the huge and comfortable seat chairs and watching some old movie

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7. Spend one morning exploring the multi-ethnic market of Porta Palazzo, here you can try food from all over the world and also you can buy fresh fruit or vegetables 

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8. In winter, go to see the artistic lights “Luci d’Artista”, they are everywhere around the city

9. Take a walk from the other side of the river Po, and go up to the Monte dei Cappuccini to have a nice panoramic view of the city


10. Enjoy the good nightlife in the neighborhoods of San Salvario and Vanchiglia

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