The cable car costs 3 Bol ( approximately 0.40 cents ) , I advise you to take the yellow one because it will take you a bit farther. An excellent opportunity to observe the city of La Paz , see the hundred of houses without any space between and from the other side also see the modern buildings . The cable car by the way is the only way to get very quickly from the center of La Paz to the top of the hill, the neighborhood ” El Alto ” .

  1. Mercado de las brujas (The witches market)

The Witches Market , is one of the most mystical and esoteric places of the city . Here you’ll find everything, traditional items that can be used to prevent lot of diseases, bad luck and so on. There you can also buy llama fetuses that are used when they are building a new home , because locals believe that they protect from the evil eye . But then there are a lot of different perfumes to attract money, love, sex, and everything you want . The nice thing is that the ladies who sell are always ready to explain and give you instructions of how and when to use them .

  1. Cholitas luchadoras (cholita wrestling)

For only 50 Bol (almost 7 euro ) you can assist on the fight between the Bolivian women. The cholitas wear traditional colorful clothes, long braids and hat . It looks like a really tough fight. Usually women do this “work” not first because of money but because of glory. To start doing this job, first they need to attend one year, and once they finished one year of practice then they can start fighting.

  1. La valle de la Luna (moon valley)

The Moon Valley is located about 10 km from La Paz . A place that simply enchants with different rock formations that have been formed over thousands of years of erosion . The valley looks more like a canyon on the moon .

  1. Camino de la muerte (Death road)

This is the most dangerous road in the world , the road is narrow with cliffs and no guard rails. Today this road is a big attraction for the tourists, especially for cyclists . If you want a bit of adrenaline then you should definitely do it . The travel agencies offer daily excursions for price of 300 Bol ( 40 euro ). In this price is include transportation , bike , guide and food. The nice thing is that you don’t have to be a professional cyclist, everyone can take this tour, only if you do not suffer the altitude , because you will go up to 3.500 m for almost five hours , but also go down to 1.800 m . The girl who worked in the agency explained that behind the cyclists there will always be their van , so if in case someone gets tired, can stop and get on the van. During the tour you will see the breathtaking landscapes .


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