Kavadarci is a city in the Tikves region, in the central part of Macedonia. The city is perfect place for a daily trip from Skopje.

Tikves Lake

How to arrive?

There are few buses going there during the day (check www.ekstrabus.com.mk/megjugradski-linii/). The trip to Kavadarci will take you around one hour and the ticket costs around 5 euro one way. There is also a possibility to arrive by shared taxi for the same price. Spring is nice period to visit the city.

What to do?

One day will be enough to explore the city, visit the largest artificial lake in Macedonia – Tikves lake and have a wine tasting in one of the best winery – Tikves. 

The city is small so everything is walking distance. For a nice panoramic view of the city you should go up to the hill where is situated the city park and the ossuary monument. The building is interesting and sometimes there are some parties with a dj here. The view is nice to make an idea about how big is the city and from one side of the hill there are also vineyards.

Kavadarci panoramic point


Food and drinks

If you are traveling on a budget this is the best place for you, food and drinks are really cheap (with less than 5 euro you will have a nice lunch and drink) and less expensive than the capital Skopje.

People from this region are really nice and kind, they are funny, joking a lot and always ready to give you a nice welcome with good wine or homemade Macedonian “brandy”. If you are interesting in visiting of the winery, you can enter there and have a tour around the winery, the basic menu with tasting of 5 different kind of wine is around 6 euros, but it is better to book your tour there in advance.



When you get tired from the city it is time to catch the taxi or have a nice walk to the artificial lake of Tikves, situated around 10 km from the city center. The place is really amazing, in the middle of the nature, surrounded by vineyards and pine forest. If you have two days to spend here, my suggestion is to overnight by the lake, definitely you will find your inner peace here.

Every year in September there is the wine festival here where they show in a traditional way the winemaking process with lot of events, concerts and wine.

The city of Kavadarci is perfect getaway from the big city and great possibility to discover Macedonia and see something more than the most famous and touristic cities.

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