Macedonia Travel: Get ready to uncover 10 fascinating facts about this hidden gem, as we dive into its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture. From ancient ruins to picturesque landscapes, Macedonia has a treasure of wonders waiting to be explored. 

1. Did you know that in Macedonia we have a self-proclaimed republic? The Republic of Vevčani , they have even their passports and currency. Vevčani is hosting also one of the best Carnivals in Macedonia.

2. In the Prespa Lake there is an island called Golem Grad (the Big city) that is also known like the “Island of snakes”. Here you can find some animals but mostly snakes. The island has also several churches and ancient ruins.

Macedonia facts

3. Almost every Macedonian family has one Slava. Slava is a religious orthodox holiday when is celebrated the day of the Saint that you choose. It is believed that the Saint will protect your house and family. On that day all the family and friends are coming to your place and there is lot of food, drinks and traditional Macedonian dishes. The most common slava in Macedonia is st. Nikola

4. Did you know that in the frescoes in the monastery of St. Panteleјmon in Skopje you can see elements of the Renaissance? 150 years before Giotto in Italy.

5. Every January in here we celebrate Vodici – St. John the Baptist. On this day there is a specific celebration when the priest is going close to the water (river, lake, pool) and he is throwing a big golden cross, there are lot of religious people who are ready to jump in the water and catch the cross. Who will catch the cross will be lucky and healthy during the whole year.

6. In our orthodox tradition Christmas is the day of the year when we have the most delicious dinner on the table. During the dinner the tradition says that we need to have a bread with a coin inside. The oldest member of the family should divide the bread, a small piece for everyone on the table, plus small piece for God, the house, the animals or the business. Who will find the coin will be lucky, wealthy and healthy.

7. The Galicnik wedding is taking place in the village of Galicnik every July 12. As I said before we are still strong connected to our tradition and culture, so we still respect some of the traditions that our grandparents were doing. One of them is the celebration of the Wedding of Galicnik. The only wedding in the country that looks the same like 100 years ago, people are doing the same things, the organization is the same, the traditional clothes they are wearing are the same from the past. Couples can participate in the selection for this wedding, but the only rule is that one of the grooms should have origin from the village of Galicnik.

Macedonia facts

8. Did you know that in the National park of Mavrovo we have the church of st. Nikola submerged in the Mavrovo Lake, it is really unique and rare view.

Macedonia facts

9. Sharena Dzamija (the Colorful Mosque) is the most beautiful and colorful mosque in the country, situated only one hour driving from Skopje in the city of Tetovo

Macedonia facts

10. In the female monastery of Rajcica close to the city of Debar in the western part of the country you can find the best handmade “mitre”. Mitre is a type of headgear known as the traditional, ceremonial headdress of bishops and certain abbots in traditional Christianity. Even the pope Francis has one of them.

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