How to arrive

Marrakesh is well connected to several cities in Morocco, has rail and bus transport. For example bus from Ouarzazate to Marrakesh cost 85 dihram and there are more buses during the day, we caught the bus at 23:30 and arrived in Marrakesh around 3:40 in the morning. From Fez and Casablanca there is also train. Marrakesh airport is connected to many European cities. It is important to know that the taxi in Morocco has day and night price, the night is a bit expensive but you always need to bargain.

What to see

Bahia Palace – here lived the Sultan Ahmad B. Moussa with his four official wives and a harem of 24 other women, the palace was named after his favorite wife Bahiya. The palace has about 150 rooms richly decorated with marble and beech wood. The complex consists of rooms, mosques, hammam, all connected to each other by gardens where grow oranges, cypress, jasmine and hibiscus. Definitely worth a visit, the ticket will cost you 20 dihram

El Badi Palace – it was closed because of some reconstruction so we couldn’t get inside

Royal Palace – the entire complex of palaces, but you can not go inside

Square Jamaa el Fna – the busiest square in Africa

The Souk – market where you will find various types of spices, traditional stuff and everything that you can imagine


Kasbah – fortress that has inside small narrow streets, just get lost in the streets, explore and try to make some conversation with the locals

Jardin Majorelle – complex of botanical gardens designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle, it has plants from five continents. Later this garden was bought by Yves Saint Laurent and there is a monument in his honor. Ticket cost 70 dihram

What to eat

Chebakia – Fried dough soaked in honey and sesame

This was the only new thing that I tried in Marrakesh, the rest was the same as in other cities – couscous, tajine, falafel, kebab and tasty bread. My recommendation is to not buy food from the stalls in the square El Fna, because very often is a tourist trap and the food is not good quality , and if you really want to eat in the middle of the square then select those stalls where there are mostly local people, there for sure the food is good

What to buy

-leather jacket, bag or belt – you need to bargain a lot, because the prices are double than the normal one


-ceramic plates and souvenirs

-colorful carpets


-argan oil