The best way to arrive to Kratovo is by car or by bus. By bus it will take around two hours and there are few daily buses going from the capital Skopje to Kratovo. The price of two ways ticket is around 5 euro, and you can find the timetable on this website of the main bus station.

Kratovo is really nice city and one day is enough to see the city and its surroundings. My suggestion is to start with a coffee break in the city center, one espresso will cost you only 0,50 cents. Then you can arrange a tour with private taxi to the famous place near Kratovo – Kuklica “Stone Dolls”, the price is around 8 euro. Kuklica is famous because there are over 120 naturally formed stone “dolls”. There are few legends about this place. One of the legend says that there was a girl which guy left her and get married with another girl, so during his wedding day she cursed all of them and turned them into stone. Aside of this legend there is another explanation, the stone dolls were formed as a result of natural erosion processes. Two hours are maybe more than enough to see this interesting place and then come back to the city.

Once you arrive in the old part of the city, you can have a lunch in the restaurant Aleksandrija where also you will have the possibility to see the underground tunnels that in the past were connecting the towers and you could arrive from one part to another part of the city. For lunch i suggest you to try the traditional “kratovska pastrmajlija” (pastry with meat).

When you finish your lunch, it’s time to have a walk through the city. The city is small and everything is walking distance. Here everyone knows each other, so don’t be surprise if all the locals will watching you, cuz you are the tourist in their town! The atmosphere in the city is calm and relaxing, lot of trees and birds singing. Walking through old buildings, towers and bridges for a moment you will feel like the time had stopped many centuries ago. People are kind, they will help you to discover some places in the city that you can never find them alone. If you like photography I also highly recommend you this city. 

This was my second time here, and I am sure that I will come back again. Kratovo is one of those cities that has a lot to offer and is not yet touched by mass tourism, so if you are travelling to Macedonia put this place on your list and enjoy. If you need more information about how to organize your trip to Kratovo, feel free to contact me.

Here you can see a short video about my experience in Kratovo: 








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