Kratovo is a perfect destination for photography lovers. Here you will find amazing nature, architecture, people and food. One day is more than enough to discover this beautiful Macedonian city. Enjoy and get inspired with this beautiful Kratovo photo story.

You can walk through the narrow streets of the old part of Kratovo or take a taxi and go to visit the Stone Dolls. There are more than 130 dolls. According to the legend, the stone dolls are grooms and wedding guests. They become petrified because of a curse of a girl that was in love with a boy that in the end got married with another girl. Scientific studies say that the stone dolls are volcanic rock, created by volcanic erosion.

Once you go back to the city you can have some traditional lunch in the local restaurants, you definitely must try the Kratovo pastrmajlija, and after your lunch go for a coffee in some of the many bars around the city center, in this way you can meet lot of local friendly people and maybe learn something more about the city, the culture and the way of living in small macedonian cities, like Kratovo. You will definitelly feel really calm and peaceful atmosphere in here, this is the reason why you will want to come back again one day