Tel Aviv is perhaps one of the most unusual places I have ever visited, a city that boasts a big mix of culture, tradition, and religion. It is fashionable and free-minded, renowned for its vibrant nightlife and being gay-friendly. Tel Aviv is also home to surfers and hosts numerous events – Welcome to Tel Aviv!

It takes about 24 hours to get a good idea of what Tel Aviv has to offer. From the beginning, I can confirm that Tel Aviv is a very expensive city, extremely expensive. Thankfully, public transportation and accommodation have relatively normal prices. We arrived in Tel Aviv with Wizzair, which offers direct flights from Sofia. Sometimes, you can find return tickets for as low as 40 euros (a good reason to consider Tel Aviv for your next destination). The weather in Tel Aviv in December/January is generally pleasant, but some days can be quite windy and rainy. The airport in Tel Aviv is connected by train to the main train station in the city, and the ticket costs about 3 euros for a one-way trip.

Tel Aviv seaside

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