Biella is a small town in northern Italy , this place has a lot to offer and here you will find things and places that will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding people. Biella with its strategic position allows you to make a unique holiday. For those who want to spend moments of totally relax, there are the Biella Alps with landscapes that seem a paradise on earth. For those who desire to go out for shopping and fashion, only 100 km from Biella they can reach  Milano. In the end, for those who want to see museums, exhibitions, history and culture, one hour from Biella there is the first capital of Italy, Torino.


Unforgettable experiences in Bielmonte and oase Zegna, colors and flowers in Burcina park, castles and medieval villages everywhere. The real Italy, away from the noise of the big city, far away from the mass tourism, here you can feel the real Italy that you were imagine reading the old travel books. The visit of Piazzo, the old part of the city of Biella, its narrow streets will make you feel part of an old movie, and the smell of the taverns that are located around you, will remember you again that you are in the country famous for its food and wine .

But that’s not all, only 20 minutes drive you can reach the Oropa Sanctuary, the most important Sanctuary in the Alps. It is placed in a unique scenery, at 1200 m. I could describe this place as an artwork on the Mount Mucrone. Here you will find rooms and suites where you can stay for few days, ideal for those who want to combine moments of inner serenity and cultural enrichment. If you have more time available, you can take the cable car, near the Oropa sanctuary and climb Mount Mucrone, there you can enjoy a plate of polenta with different kind of cheese and then take a walk around the lake Mucrone, looking at the beautiful colors and the mountains that are reflected in the lake.


In the end, all those who want to see something more, not just Rome, Florence and Venice, Biella is the right choice for you. Be among the first to discover the Biella region, still untouched by mass tourism, be the first to taste the beauty of this area, once you are here then I’m sure you will take with you the tastes, colors and smells of this land and leave with the desire to return as soon as possible.