Exploring Skopje like a local
Skopje like a local

Are you traveling to Skopje soon and you are looking for a different Skopje travel guide? Then you should definitely read this post and I am sure that you will have a very unique stay in the capital of Macedonia. Breakfast Start your day with a traditional Macedonian breakfast (burek, banichka or gjevrek with yogurt) […]

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sicilian food

1. Arancini Arancini are fried rice balls, cooked with breadcrumbs. They are usually filled with ragu (meat and tomato sauce), mozzarella and peas. There are many regional variants with different fillings and shape. The name derives from their shape and color, arancini in italian language means “small orange”). In eastern Sicily (especially in Catania), arancini have a more […]

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A unique walk through the streets of Rome

Are you one of those travelers who are always trying to have a unique experience, instead of going straight and following the group, they decide to go right and get lost through the local streets and restaurants. When we talk about Rome, many people will tell you that this is almost impossible, because Rome is […]

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Kratovo Photo walk through the eyes of my camera

Kratovo is a perfect destination for photography lovers. Here you will find amazing nature, architecture, people and food. One day is more than enough to discover this beautiful Macedonian city. Enjoy and get inspired with this beautiful Kratovo photo story. You can walk through the narrow streets of the old part of Kratovo or take […]

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Macedonian traditional food – my top 10
macedonian food

The Macedonian traditional food is probably one of the best in the Balkans. Here you can find the list with the top 10 dishes that you must try. In the Macedonian cuisine you can find food for each taste, almost all of these traditional specialties can have also a vegetarian/vegan version. The Macedonian food is […]

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Kavadarci – perfect getaway between vineyards and nature

Kavadarci is a city in the Tikves region, in the central part of Macedonia. The city is perfect place for a daily trip from Skopje. How to arrive? There are few buses going there during the day (check www.ekstrabus.com.mk/megjugradski-linii/). The trip to Kavadarci will take you around one hour and the ticket costs around 5 […]

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5 interesting places to visit in Milan

Milan is a very big and touristic city, most of the people always choose to see the most famous attraction in the city, but here you can read something more about some different and unique places in Milan. 1. Villa Necchi Campiglio – designed by the architect Piero Portaluppi. Villa Necchi is located in via […]

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Traveling around Italy

AROUND ITALY It was almost one year ago when I saw a picture from the island of Levanzo posted somewhere on the web and I just put it on my travel bucket list. I have been traveled a lot in Sicily but I was missing the northwest coast of the island, so i decide to […]

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Skopje daily trips – My Top 5
Skopje tours

Here you can read something more about my top 5 Skopje daily tours. All places are easy to reach by car or public transport.  Canyon Matka To arrive to the Canyon you can take bus, taxi or bike. There is the bus n.60 that leaves from the main bus station almost every hour and in […]

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