Chefchaouen is one of the most colorful cities in the world. It’s a small mountain town which is located about 200 km from Fez. Just because it’s a small town many people choose to go there just for a day excursion. The trip from Fez takes about 4 hours  with one break around 20-30 min.

The first bus from Fez departs at 8:00 and the last one back is at 18 o’clock, the company CTM, one of the two biggest, most organized and safest bus companies, the other one is Supraturs. Return ticket Fez – Chefchaouen is around 130 (13 euros). During the trip we were enjoying the landscape, vast fields of sunflowers, fields where the families were working, men who drive their women on donkeys, sheep blocking the traffic etc. From the main bus station to the Medina of Chefchaouen you can walk (about 30 minutes) or catch a taxi, you do not pay more than 10-15 dihrami (1-1.50 euros). Our taxi driver was very sociable that he even talked Spanish, and told us that his best friend is married in Spain with a Macedonian woman, I do not know if he was telling the truth or not, but however we had funny conversation.

The main attraction of the town is the Medina, where you can walk between the narrow streets and the blue and white houses. The atmosphere is really unique with all those colorful rugs, scarves and lamps. Maybe we went there in a good period because there weren’t many tourists. Behind every corner we were meeting locals and children running through the narrow streets, playing and splashing water, while we were wondering how they can find their way home through these narrow streets.

Besides the Medina, our friend from Fez suggest us also to go and see the waterfalls, one of the main attractions in the city, where women wash clothes and carpets. Our expectation was waterfalls in the middle of nature, but we were wrong, the waterfalls were like a fountain which descended into the river and there were some carpets on which children were playing soccer in the water. wow  Down, by the river there were few bars and restaurants and lot of kids that arrived in excursion with the school.

10 minute walking up from the waterfalls you can get to the Spanish Mosque, from where will have panoramic view of the whole city. Another attraction of the city is the Kasbah, a castle that in the past was a prison. After the walk through the city I suggest you to refresh yourself with fresh orange juice for only 7 dihrami (0.60 cents), oranges are cooled in a huge pot where they put cold water, and if you want to eat something delicious, I suggest you the local restaurant Bob Sour, located near the main square, ask for the name and they will tell you in which direction you should go.

The place has a panoramic terrace. We decided to eat tajin, typically Moroccan dish, Tajin is a special pot in which they prepared and served the food. There are different kinds of Tajin, with vegetables, with lamb, chicken, however we choose one vegetarian and another one with chicken and olives. It was really tasty. The price of the Tajin was 40 dihrams, and a bottle of water 8 dihrams. And do not forget to mention that here almost all the people speak Spanish, and also there are lot of Spanish people that move here because of the nice weather during the whole year.


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