Kamenjane waterfalls – a daily tour from Skopje
The highest waterfall

Kamenjane waterfalls – Skopje daily tour If you are visiting Skopje and you are looking for a nice place to connect with the nature but not so far from the city – Kamenjane waterfalls is the right Skopje daily tour for you. The village of Kamenjane is just 7 km away from the city of […]

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Exploring Skopje like a local
Skopje like a local

Exploring Skopje like a local? If it sounds great to you, then you should definitely read this post and I am sure that you will have a very unique stay in the capital of Macedonia. Breakfast Start your day with a traditional Macedonian breakfast (burek, banichka or gjevrek with yogurt) the breakfast here is salty […]

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Why Krusevo should be on your list during your next trip to Macedonia?

I always tell people who are traveling to Macedonia that if they want to explore this small country thoroughly, they need to dedicate at least two weeks here. During these two weeks, you should definitely visit the small mountain city of Krusevo, the highest town in Macedonia. Krusevo is only 170 km away from the […]

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Kavadarci – perfect getaway between vineyards and nature

Kavadarci is a city in the Tikves region, in the central part of Macedonia. The city is perfect place for a daily trip from Skopje. How to arrive? There are few buses going there during the day (check www.ekstrabus.com.mk/megjugradski-linii/). The trip to Kavadarci will take you around one hour and the ticket costs around 5 […]

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