Ajvar tour

Experience the exclusive Ajvar Tour, a limited edition happening once a year, from mid-September to mid-October. This culinary adventure offers a unique opportunity to get directly involved in making the renowned Balkan specialty – AJVAR. Ajvar, also known as the Macedonian “caviar,” is a traditional dish made from red peppers, salt, oil, and eggplant. It’s […]

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10 Reasons why you should visit Macedonia

1.People This will be definitely the first reason why you should visit Macedonia. If you have already been in this part of the world, you probably know that people here are just amazing. They are kind and welcome almost everywhere in the Balkans. But Macedonians are really special, they will make you feel comfortable anywere […]

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Skopje Walking Tours
Free Skopje walking tour

Read below the philosophy and the point of this unique Skopje walking tours Thanks to modern technology and the fast development of everything around us, today people can travel more fast than in the past. They can reach information very quickly, and easily find out new things. Unfortunately, the problem of the mass tourism is getting bigger […]

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Hoi An and the magic lanterns
Hoi An

A brief history of Hoi An The city in the 17th and 18th centuries was one of the most important ports in Southeast Asia, and that’s why various merchants from different countries (Chinese, Japanese, Dutch) passed by and some of them decided to build their houses here. That is why this city is known for […]

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Macedonian vegetarian and vegan dishes
Macedonian vegetarian food

In this post I will suggest you my top 5 Macedonian vegetarian and vegan dishes from  traditional food that you must try Have you ever heard that traveling in the Balkans sometimes can be difficult especially for vegan people? Maybe yes, but not in Macedonia. In Macedonia you will find vegan or vegetarian version of […]

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Exploring Skopje like a local
Skopje like a local

Exploring Skopje like a local? If it sounds great to you, then you should definitely read this post and I am sure that you will have a very unique stay in the capital of Macedonia. Breakfast Start your day with a traditional Macedonian breakfast (burek, banichka or gjevrek with yogurt) the breakfast here is salty […]

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